African Folktales with Omobola

African Folktales with Omobola

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African Folktales with Omobola
  • Why Bats Are Nocturnal

    Have you ever wondered why bats are nocturnal? This African folktale will explain to you why.

  • Why Lightning and Thunder Live in the Sky

    This African folktale explains why there is lightning and thunder in the sky. Parents of young children will relate to this story.

  • Magical Bird

    One of Nelson Mandela’s favorite African folktales, this story, retold by Omobola, is about a wicked bird that comes to oppress a village.

  • Queen Moreni

    This is episode is based on the story of a legendary queen from Nigeria. Her courage helped save her people from their enemies, and she is still celebrated in her country to this day.

  • Where Stories Come From

    This is an African folktale from South Africa. It tells the tale of a journey a mother takes to find stories to tell her children.