The Nap Time Show

The Nap Time Show

Set in the most welcoming living room, THE NAP TIME SHOW is an interactive episodic preschool series parents can play for, or watch with children when preparing them to take a nap.
Each episode, children go through a routine of play-based, ayurvedic calming activities to develop a healthy pattern of resting during this key growth stage. Through compelling storylines and relatable character development, this show is built to mentally engage children, while also emotionally preparing them for nap time.

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The Nap Time Show
  • I DON’T FEEL SO GOOD! / I Just Want To Fit In

    When Siesta is feeling under the weather, we learn the healing properties of resting. While in DreamWorld, character Dolly the doggie tries to make friends with the Cloud Crew.

  • I ATE TOO MUCH! / Open Your Heart

    Bahb may or may not have had TOO many pancakes earlier, and now his tummy is TOO full! While in DreamWorld, characters Lila and Rust teach us that disappointment isn’t the end of the world.

  • I CAN BE BRAVE! / Acceptance is an Inside Job

    Go on an adventure with MISTER BOOTS while Bahb and Siesta finish some errands for Granny. Later in DreamWorld, Dinky and Teresa show us the courageous act of self acceptance and the difference it makes.

  • I DON’T WANNA NAP! / Good Feeling Good

    We’ve all resisted the things that are good for us before, and kids are no
    different. When your little one is ‘fighting their sleep,’ The Nap Time Show comes to the rescue. In DreamWorld, TamTam doesn’t understand why we should eat vegetables.

  • I’M A BIT CRANKY! / Feelings Are Messengers

    When Bahb just...isn’t in the mood, it becomes a teaching moment for our best buddies on feeling all your feelings, and letting them pass when they’re ready to go.
    In DreamWorld, Corázon tries to listen to her heart.

  • I HAVE A PLAYDATE! / Energy is Energetic

    With best buddies Kaydence and Nia coming over to play later, Bahb and Siesta teach us that napping will giveus the energy to play with friends. In DreamWorld, Luna and Sola have a disagreement about who should do what.

  • I LOVE MY GRANNY! / Parents gotta rest, too!

    Meet Granny, who takes us down memory lane to the tender days of yonder. In DreamWorld, Bahb and Siesta travel to Bland Land for a lesson on standing out.

  • I CAN BE ALL OF ME! / Don’t Dim Your Light

    Siesta tries to not be as excited as she naturally is, and instead tries to be more “cool” to impress the big kids. In DreamWorld, Leah and Acuo learn that our differences don’t make us so different after all.

  • IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! / It HAS To Go This Way

    It's Bahb's birthday! We're partying hard later. And, everyone's invited! But first, a nap. In DreamWorld, Yoolie makes the effort to be in control and know all the answers.