Strong Male Voices

All the series featured here are led by a strong male, fatherly character or voice.

  • Fatherhood- bedtime stories by Hotep

    4 items

    Proud father & former kindergarten teacher, Hotep is an amazing storyteller. His calming voice and empowering words are just what children need as they go to sleep.

  • Mr. J's Classroom

    1 season

    Mr. J's classroom is an excellent way for your child to learn any and everything about science.

  • MENtorship Minute

    1 season

  • Learning with the Hustle Brothers

    1 season

    Our cool heroes teach a variety of topics including: animals, colors, signs, addition, subtraction, dinosaurs, money and lots more. All narrated by former kindergarten teacher, Hotep.

  • Dr Bob's Times Tables

    1 season

    Dr. Bob, your neighborhood educator teaches 0-12 multiplication facts students in a fun & yet creative way.

  • The Remix- starring The Hustle Brothers

    1 season

    A collection of fun music videos featuring the Hustle Brothers. Some are a remix of classic children's songs, some remix pop music and a few are originals with a special story!

  • Fatherhood Legacy Project

    25 fathers come together to pour their best wisdom into our children in this heartfelt short film.

  • Brotherhood- Behind the Scenes

    Brotherhood is an audio-visual joyride through the childhood memories of a wildly creative '80s baby. Conductor Hotep and ticketmaster David Armstrong take young listeners through a fun, uplifting and empowering retro roller coaster that parents (and even grandparents) will love!