The Crew from Backspinz

The Crew from Backspinz

The Crew from Backspinz
  • Rhondas World

    The Crewz takes a peak into Rhondas world to see what is it that has been making her frustrated.

  • Stop Lying

    In this episode the students create great music with a fun twist.

  • Let’s Go

    The students overcome their frustrations and put aside their pride and have fun in being them.

  • No Name calling

    Mr. Wheeler works through the students not working together for their promo. Will he get them to work together?

  • Wait When is It?

    The Crewz struggles to work together to create a short promo

  • Working through the frustrations

    In this episode the crew learns a very important lesson about working through the frustrations

  • So Special

    The Crewz seem like they are all coming together in this episode while Rhonda still try to work through her frustrations.


    Rhonda works through her frustrations and Mixtape Mike learns a new word- Metronome

  • Day 1

    The Crewz students gather for the first day of school Jam Session. Will these students be able to show team work?