Twinkle Tales ABCs

Twinkle Tales ABCs

26 Episodes

Twinkle Tales with Ms. Melanie and her puppet friends, provides a journey of interactive programs for primary learners. From “A-Z” alphabet tutorials to weekly bedtime stories, Twinkle Tales is a great opportunity for your child to learn wherever they are!

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Twinkle Tales ABCs
  • A is for Astronaut!

    Episode 1

    Journey through outer space with Kyle as we explore the Aa vowel!

  • B is for Birthday!

    Episode 2

    Let’s celebrate with Kaylee party-style as we learn about the letter Bb!

  • C is for Caterpillar!

    Episode 3

    Cowboy Kyle finds his farm friend “Cow” as we learn about the letter Cc!

  • D is for Doughnuts!

    Episode 4

    Kaylee learns that delicious doughnuts are one of Ms. Melanie’s favorite treats as we discuss the letter Dd.

  • E is for Elephant!

    Episode 5

    Learn the about the Ee vowel with Ms. Melanie!

  • F is for Fireworks!

    Episode 6

    Watch the fireworks with Kaylee as we celebrate learning the letter Ff!

  • G is for Guitar!

    Episode 7

    Kyle and Kaylee show off their guitar skills as we learn about the letter Gg!

  • H is for Hawaii!

    Episode 8

    Kyle visits the beautiful island of Hawaii to learn about the letter Hh!

  • I is for Igloo!

    Episode 9

    Our impala friend has traveled from the safari of Africa to the artic temps of Antarctica to see igloos and learn about the vowel Ii.

  • J is for Jellyfish!

    Episode 10

    Kaylee dives underwater to marvel at the Jellyfish as she learns more about the letter Jj.

  • K is for Kyle & Kaylee!

    Episode 11

    Kites fly high as we learn about the letter “Kk” in Kyle & Kaylee’s name.

  • L is for Ladder!

    Episode 12

    Kyle joins Ms. Melanie & Mr. Lion while learning about the letter Ll.

  • M is for Moon!

    Episode 13

    Kyle is on the MOON as we learn about the letter Mm!

  • N is for Nest!

    Episode 14

    Kaylee wants to birdwatch our nest while we learn about the letter Nn.

  • O is for Owl!

    Episode 15

    Kaylee learns that owls are Ms. Melanie’s favorite animal while we learn more about the vowel Oo!

  • P is for Pizza!

    Episode 16

    Kaylee & Kyle join the pizza party conversation as we learn the letter Pp.

  • Q is for Question Mark!

    Episode 17

    Queen Melanie dresses up and wears her crown. Princess Kaylee performs her royal rap as we explore the letter Qq.

  • R is for Robot!

    Episode 18

    Kaylee joins us as we learn more about the letter Rr.

  • S is for Sunflower!

    Episode 19

    Join Kyle under the sun in the Sunflower garden and learn about letter Ss.

  • T is for Toys!

    Episode 20

    Kaylee shares her toy box with us while we learn more about the letter Tt.

  • U is for Umbrella!

    Episode 21

    Kaylee & Ms. Melanie take cover under the umbrella which begins with the letter Uu.

  • V is for Violin!

    Episode 22

    Kyle listens as we learn the vibrations of the letter Vv.

  • W is for Whistle!

    Episode 23

    Every coach has a whistle, and Kaylee learns more about the letter Ww.

  • X is for Xylophone!

    Episode 24

    Kyle shows us his Xray as we learn the letter Xx.