• Build Your Kid's Library

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    The Build Your Library series was create for children who don't have someone to read to them.

  • Story Time with Ms Naomi

    1 season

    Ms. Naomi creates a quite, nurturing space for children to listen to and enjoy incredible books written by Black authors.

  • Readers Corner

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  • Scholars Make Dollars

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    The Hustle Brothers (Hotep and Redd) teach leadership lessons through trial and error as the best buds attempt to start a business. All narration is done by 5th grade students.

  • On Mama’s Back

    In this episode Carter reads: On Mama’s Back a story about cultures all around the world.

  • The Adventures of Ellie & Eve

    In this episode Carter reads: The Adventures of Ellie & Eve a story about the new baby girl.

  • Soar

    In this episode Carter reads: Soar a story about overcoming challenges.

  • Malique Returns to School

    In this episode Carter reads: Malique Returns to School

  • Whats in a name

    "What's in a name" is a story about finding everyone is special.

  • We are all brown

    "We are all Brown" covers the sensitive issue of color in a child-friendly way.

  • Hey Black Child

    Hey Black Child teaches black children that they can be anything that they put their minds to.


    In this episode of Build Your Kid's Library, Karter reads THE ADVENTURES OF RAKA VILLAGE by April Austin

  • The Nap Time Show

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    Set in the most welcoming living room, THE NAP TIME SHOW is an interactive episodic preschool series parents can play for, or watch with children when preparing them to take a nap.
    Each episode, children go through a routine of play-based, ayurvedic calming activities to develop a healthy pattern...

  • Khalid White

    Read along as Ximena and Miguel laugh, share and play with their little sister, Ariana. While in play, the older siblings show Ariana the values of teamwork, responsibility and love as only a family can. The story is told in both English and in Spanish for bilingual readers and language learners.

  • I Know Myself, i Like Myself

    They have a lot going on in their heads! They often do not know how to tell us that they are trying to figure out who they are! We must teach them self-acceptance and to like who they are and who they will become!

    “I Know Myself, I Like Myself” allows the main characters J and Jay to express wha...

  • Become a Reading Rockstar !

    Why is literacy so important.

  • Reading Rockstars

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