Special Interest

  • Delicious & Nutritious

    6 items

  • CP Time

    In this episode, Staci explains the significance of Black Americans and being “late” as known as “Colored People’s Time”.

  • Black Facts

    8 items

  • Music and Movement

    1 season

    Music and Movement with Ms. Janis incorporates physical activity with the love of music to keep your child active!

  • Nguzo Babies

    5 items

  • MENtorship Minute

    1 season

  • African Folktales with Omobola

    5 items

  • The Nap Time Show

    9 items

    Set in the most welcoming living room, THE NAP TIME SHOW is an interactive episodic preschool series parents can play for, or watch with children when preparing them to take a nap.
    Each episode, children go through a routine of play-based, ayurvedic calming activities to develop a healthy pattern...

  • The Convenience Store

    In this episode, Staci explains the significance of convenience stores and food deserts in Black communities.

  • Flying Overboard

    In this episode, Staci explains how some Africans would voluntarily jump overboard slave ships to avoid being enslaved.

  • History Not Taught

    4 items

    History Not Taught is a show that teaches students the not-so-common knowledge of Black History.