Working Out with JJ

Working Out with JJ

5 Episodes

Kid exercise videos led by Janae’ Madison are fun and easy to follow for children of all coordination and fitness levels. She gives step by step guidance and instructions which promote motor skill development, balance and coordination improvement. Her personality makes every move entertaining and everyone feels welcome.

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Working Out with JJ
  • Cardio & Strength Training

    Janae’ combines strength and cardio using light weights. Children are gently guided through moves that are fun to say and more fun to do. They will have a blast!

  • Dance Workout

    This dance for kids exercise video features moves that are developmentally appropriate, vigorous and fun, that boost daily motor skill and hand-eye coordination while they sweat and party. Your little ones will get a great workout without realizing they are exercising and everyone can just dance,...

  • Full Body Workout

    This workout meets your kids where they are in terms of fitness and talent level – beginners through advanced – everyone feels welcome and no one feels the need for perfection.

  • Cardio Workout

    ENGAGING, FUN & EASY TO DO - This video will get children up off the couch and having fun. It’s designed to keep them engaged, excited, and enjoying staying fit. You do not need any exercise equipment.

  • Standing Abs Workout

    Janae’s abs routine uses standing exercises that target abs from every possible angle. Simple exercises that help strengthen and flatten your tummy.